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Joshua Thayne

Joshua Thayne

Operations (Support Guide)

Brigham Young University, Business Management

As an operations professional, the main focus of my career has always been on keeping things running smoothly; for my business and its clients. Whether that’s working in sales and operations as a mobile DJ, helping manage an ESL school in a Hispanic market, or serving the operations management role as a mortgage broker, I strive to give it my all.

At JohnstonRogers, I support our clientele behind the scenes. Using technology and my expertise, I ensure everyone stays connected to their data; primarily, the online logins to monitor their accounts. As the resident paraplanner, I also assist with the financial plans and verify the planning data inputs (along with the setting up of the required modeling.)

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given was “don’t let anyone catch you without a smile on your face.” The most inspiring part of my job is helping my clients and watching the continual progress that my coworkers are making in their professions and their lives.

If you asked my friends or coworkers what my superpower is, they’d probably say that I am the human Swiss Army knife; I seem to have a surprising amount of hidden talents.

If I wasn’t in financial services, I’m pretty sure I’d be an arborist; mastering the art and science of planting, maintaining, and providing care for the health and well-being of trees. Outside of work, my passions include camping with family and exploring the Uintah and Wasatch mountains; two amazing places to learn about plants and wildlife.