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Jeremy R. Johnston

Jeremy R. Johnston

Founding Partner (Transition Guide)

Brigham Young University, B.A. in Business Management

Over the span of more than two decades, I’ve established myself as a trusted financial advisor and investment specialist. I’ve worked for big NYC firms including Guardian and Park Avenue Securities and also served as Branch Manager for Integrated Wealth Management. Co-founding JohnstonRogers has allowed me to create an entire team of financial experts whose primary focus is to work in the best interest of our clients.

Professional licensures
Certified Financial Fiduciary
Principal/Supervisory Exam: Series 24
General Securities Exams: Series 6, Series 7, and SIE
State Securities Law Exams: Series 63 and series 65
Life and Health Insurance License

At JohnstonRogers, I guide people who find themselves in the midst of major life changes. Whether it’s someone starting out on their own once again due to divorce or death or a couple trying to coordinate today’s resources into a predictable retirement income for the not-so-distant future, I am there to help navigate the unknown and uncover potential opportunities.

The best money advice I’ve ever taken to heart came from my grandpa’s example. As a manager for “Ma Bell,” he faithfully invested in company stock with every paycheck. It didn’t matter that my grandpa only earned a modest $12,000 annual salary (even with his MBA), he amassed wealth the old-fashioned way—through his disciplined savings and dividend reinvestment approach. The most inspiring part of my job is seeing the confidence and newfound courage that clients begin to exercise as they gain clarity about what’s most important. Especially as they face pivotal, lifechanging decisions.

If you asked my friends or coworkers what my superpower is, some might say it could be my preternatural ability to identify the pain points or obstacles in someone’s life. And some might say it is the stubbornness (I say “determination”) I display when I’m trying to find the investment or retirement solution that feels “just right” for my client’s needs.

If I wasn’t in financial services, I might actually have become an optician. Of course, it would be the type of renaissance optician who also produces music in his spare time. Outside of work, my passions include trail running and cycling—both mountain and road bikes. Believe it or not, I once played piano professionally and even wrote a radio jingle for Ray-Ban back in the late 80s. These days, I’ve been collaborating with my nephew on five original LDS hymns, writing a Big Band chart, and practicing for an international competition—the 2021 Masters of Musical Whistling. Whenever we get the chance, my family and I enjoy traveling to our favorite locales; Southern California and Sun Valley.