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Amy Stanley

Amy Stanley

Administrative Assistant (Support Guide)

Weber State University, B.S. in Business Administration (Finance emphasis)

During my professional career, I have performed the duties of a Finance Executive Assistant at Deseret Book and gained additional exposure to financial planning as the New Business Coordinator at BCJ Financial Group. This experience, along with my college education in business and finance led me to my career at JohnstonRogers.

Professional licensures
Licensed for Life and Health State insurance

At JohnstonRogers, I guide our clients through all the nitty gritty so they can focus on fulfilling their financial goals. In my role, I perform the different administrative, clerical, and back-end tasks that allow our office to operate smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given was to “always claim the blessing that are yours.” The most inspiring part of my job is enjoying the company of those I get to work with every day; not to mention the part I play in assisting clients in obtaining their goals.

If you asked my friends or coworkers what my superpower is, they would undoubtedly tell you that it’s my willingness to lend my opinion or share my advice; even when that eagerness to help others involves something difficult or challenging to talk about.

If I wasn’t in financial services, I definitely see myself as a doggy daycare owner. Outside of my work, my passions include music, sharpshooting, and fitness. I played the cello for many years; a talent which earned me a full-ride scholarship. Over the past few years, I taught music to children. I’m a proud gun enthusiast and owner of a concealed carry permit. And I’ve also been a competitive weightlifter, an interest I’ve put on hold since becoming a new mom. Really, there’s nothing like hearing your child happily (and loudly) shout your name while running toward you for a hug after being gone for a while.