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Our Process

A Proven Process—Adapted to Fit You

People are different. You have different needs, goals, expectations, and concerns for your finances. That’s why, at JohnstonRogers Financial Advisors, we don’t deal in prepackaged products or rigid strategies. Instead, we’ve built a process that’s focused on understanding your needs and goals, getting you on the right track, and adapting and changing as needed to help keep you on track. Throughout every step of our process, we provide you with the knowledge, resources, and support you need to make financial decisions with confidence.

Phase One: Establishing Your Goals

Before we begin developing a financial plan, it’s important that we understand what your goals are. We want to know more than a number you’re trying to reach or a date you want to retire. We want to understand what your goal looks like and feels like to you. How would success in your financial plan reflect in your personal life? Understanding this vision helps us to better map the path ahead, and how your finances can help guide you to that goal.

Phase Two: Examining Our Resources

In addition to understanding where you want to go, we also need to understand where you’re starting from. What does your current financial picture look like in comparison to that picture we’ve painted of your future? What are you doing with your finances right now that’s working, and what needs to be changed?

Phase Three: Developing and Testing the Plan

With a clear understanding of the resources at our disposal and the objective we’re striving for, we’ll work with you to start building your financial plan. As we begin to carefully select strategies and options for your plan, we’ll examine the plan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats—or, as they’re often called in the financial world, S.W.O.T. Carefully considering these four aspects of your plan helps us understand how it might be affected by changes in the market, your life, or your own goals.

Phase Four: Implementing, Monitoring, and Adapting

Once you are completely comfortable with the plan we’ve built, and our team is confident it will put you on the right track to your goals, we’ll set it in motion. This might include adjusting your portfolio, purchasing insurance products, opening accounts, and more. We’re not finished yet though. Just as your life isn’t stagnant, we don’t allow your financial plan to remain stagnant either.
The team at JohnstonRogers Financial Advisors continually reviews and monitors your plan’s performance so that we can assess whether or not you’re still on track to those goals we discussed. If something isn’t working exactly as we hoped it would, or if you decide that something simply doesn’t feel right, we’ll help you to adjust, adapt, and continue moving forward.

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